Dr Mark Photographing
      on Wreck from Thunderball movieDr
      Mark's Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

I have been scuba diving for over 20 years and am a P.A.D.I. certified Master Diver.  I find it an amazing combination of relaxing and exciting.  Floating weightlessly in the depths is as close as you can get to walking in space.   Diving feels like you have entered a totally different world.  The excitement comes when you encounter the beauty and sometimes the danger of the depths.  Included here are several areas to peruse.  The Gallery showcases some of my photos.  The Theater invites you to experience some of my videos and experiences.  The Classroom shares some of the lessons I have learned along the way. 


At left is a pic of me photographing on the wreck from the Thunderball movie in Nassau.  Photo by
Laura of Stuart Cove's Diving
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