Nurse Dr
Doctor in Psych, Pastor, Teacher, Retired Radio Exec and NURSE!  Yup, I am also a practicing R.N. (Registered Nurse BSN).  Although if you ask me I'll tell you that it's just for fun.  I enjoyed caring for people and on some off hours I filled in as an RN at the Golden Living Center in Sturgeon Bay.  Staying on top of changes in the medical field aids extensively in counseling.  As many people are on medication today, knowing up to date pharmacological interventions, interactions and side effects helps to counsel people.   In addition to counseling I practice in the nursing specialty of Parish Nursing at FWC. 

Frequently Asked Questions....
1. Why would you practice nursing when you have a doctoral degree in psych?
First, because I like enjoy caring for people.  I also like moving instead of sitting and being able to interact with more people. Secondly, it really does help me as a counselor.  I also think that my strong psychological and spiritual training also makes me a better nurse.

2. How do people react when they see you as nurse and recognize you as Pastor Mark or Dr Mark?
Most are shocked a bit at first.  They don't expect to see a pastor or counselor either giving care to them or a loved one. Many of the residents recognized me from Family Worship Center's Television program.  They often told me that they watch our show every week.

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