MusicMusic has always been an important part of my life.  I started in 5th grade on Trumpet.  In 7th grade I added on guitar.  Eventually, I became a guitar and bass teacher at Henri's Music in Appleton WI and Gilmore Brothers Music.  I toured the coffee house and church scene performing mostly my own music.  Eventually, I had to get a "real job." 
    When our daughters Michele and Sari came into our lives we wanted them to have the opportunities of playing and even having what I didn't get- piano (my piano teacher eloped after my first lesson.  I'm hoping there was no connection).  Michele played piano, flute and bass guitar.  She was a music/business major in college and taught piano as well.  Sari played piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, violin and Viola.  My wife Jill is a drummer.
    The Scottish philosopher/artist Andrew Fletcher said..."Let me write the songs of a nation -- I don't care who writes its laws."  Music has so much power to move people.  Kids learn the lyrics of thousands of songs as they grow up.  As a psychologist I know what goes into the mind comes back out again in behavior.  This was one of the driving forces that motivated me to start WPFF and WRGX (now WNLI) radio stations.  Though I 'm retired from broadcasting I still firmly believe in Christian Radio.
    Music is still a huge part of my life.  I still play at church as I lead worship on Wednesdays and Sundays. I also teach lessons at church to help build the present and future worship team.  I teach guitar, bass and drums to a handful of our future leaders. For those who have an interest in the subject I have included pics of my "toys", tools of the trade.

Fender StratGibson Flying VJB Player Artist Series Bass
1991 American Made Fender Stratocaster
Prodigy model, with Floyd Rose Tremolo
and tuning system.  I use for worship
on songs that need some edge.
1976 Gibson Flying V with original
Gibson case.  The action is unmatchable. I
use this for youth events when I play either
lead or need some serious crunch.
1999 JB Player Artist Series 5-string Bass
with active electronics and through the
body neck.  When I have to play bass at church this is my toy.

Martin D35Martin D28-12Martin Backpacker
Martin D35 (three piece back) 6 string,
rosewood and sitka spruce.
When I was a guitar teacher at Henri's this
was my dream to own.  One night in the early nineties I was leading worship at Family Worship Center when the guitar I had (a 1958 Harmony Sovereign) broke as I was playing.
An amazing friend helped me get this and I have been using it ever since.  It has incredible action and the hand crafted Martin Sound.
There is a factory built in pickup.
Martin D28-12.  The sound of a 12 string fills in so much. This was the guitar I wanted at age 20.  After saving a long time, Jill bought this for me in 2007.  I use it for worship leading and especially playing solo.
Martin Backpacker.  I bought this to use for hauling around and not risking damage to my D35.  It actually has decent sound, but is awkward to hold. 
Fender Power ChorusTeaching Drums
My Fender Twin is the Power Chorus model.  I use it at
youth events and like to split my Flying V output to both this and to a Marshall Double Stack.  The best of two worlds from one guitar.              
Yes Al, I keep the cover on it when it isn't being used :)
Teaching Drum Lessons is one way to assure having future worship band members. This is Abby.  I also teach bass and guitar to the kids/ adults at FWC.
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